Thanks to the relationship with the Law Firm, the office is also able to offer support in the field of bankruptcy proceedings (Bankruptcy, Arrangements with Creditors, Compulsory Administration).

The office has developed its operations by using the specific skills of its experts, in order to ensure professional support to suit even the most complex customer needs.

Since the beginning of its operation, the Office has made efforts to provide their customers with comprehensive services, integrated in terms of administration, management, taxes, industry, as well as legal and commercial matters.

The office seeks to achieve this goal by continuously maintaining skills necessary for the provision of modern, efficient and professional services, in accordance with the standards required by the market, and by using all possible IT resources in order to combine various processes and supervise the results.
The same amount of attention is paid to the mandate of trust received from the customer, thus supporting the bond provided by traditional professional relationships.

Communication with the customer is direct, takes place in real time and with the awareness of the need to provide comprehensive and global consultancy – as part of the issues dealt with by the Office – proposing individual customised solutions concerning specific issues, regardless of the status of the company or natural person.